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Please stay

‘Please stay’ was the title under which The Scotsman published a letter from Peter Riddell on the forthcoming Scottish referendum on whether to leave the United Kingdom. In it he likens the English attitude to that of a husband who is vaguely aware of his wife’s unhappiness, but who can’t bring himself to believe that she would ever leave him.

Building trust in the heart of community

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Be a trustbuilder

• Listen carefully and respectfully to each other and to the whole community

  • • Bring people together, not in confrontation but in trust, to tackle urgent needs

  • • Search for solutions, focusing on what is right rather than who is right
  • • Build lasting relationships outside our comfort zone
  • • Honor each person, appealing to the best qualities in everyone, and refusing to stereotype
  • • Hold ourselves, communities and institutions accountable where change is needed
  • • Recognize that the energy for fundamental change requires a moral and spiritual transformation in the human spirit